Jon Westrom Owner / Broker


Westrom Group Company Real Estate

1297 Avondale Haslet Road Haslet, TX 76052

My Bio?. Here we go..

I am a little crazy. 
I have been married for 20 years to my beautiful wife and because of that we have a ton of kids.
I work hard each day to be a good Christian, but I need to be honest... I am still a sinner.
I do not like titles and do not have a bunch of certifications. I love all things real estate, this is not even a job for me.
I have ADD. I cannot do the same things over and over.. I get board. Therefore, I do new constructions, real estate investments, land development, property management and real estate brokerage.
I love people, I love to serve and provide value... I am not in this this for the money... if I deliver value to you... somehow I get paid.. which is awesome.
I want to partner with you, be an adviser, a sounding board...  I am not interested in the deal.. I am interesting in working with awesome people, building trust and watch out...we might end up being friends.

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